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Today I am 12,418 days old. That’s 408 months. I am another year older (giving my daughter even more reason to call me an old lady 😅). Just like 2 years ago, this is another year when my age is twice hers (for the next few months at least). So, today my post will be 17 random things about me. (Pagbigyan nyo na birthday ko naman e 😋)

1. Out of my 3 first names, I like Francesca the most. Once lang may nag-attempt na tawagin akong Francesca. Tapos, dahil 10 million times na niya ako tinatawag at di ako lumilingon, muntik na kami di magkasabay papunta sa PE namin. Ayun, di na naulit. Hehe.

I still write all 3 names everytime I fill up a form. It’s either that or just Din.

2. My eyes cannot see very well without help. I am near-sighted and if I remember correctly, L = 1100 R= 1075. My contact lens grade is -9.50 (R) and -9.75 (L) but my glasses are only at 750 (because I get dizzy).

My Mom found out I couldn’t see well when we were out in Makati one Sunday. When we were younger, Dad used to play golf every Sunday. We would meet around lunchtime at Singalong. Mom would take me and my brother and sister there. We would ride the bus, and on some lucky days, Dad would see us waiting for a bus and pick us up. On the bus rides, we played sort of an “I spy” game. Mom would say a word and we had to find it or she would point to a word and we had to read it. That’s how she found out I couldn’t see well. She asked me to read a billboard, and I had to squint my eyes to try and read it. I first got my glasses when I was in Grade 3, they were at 100 for both eyes.

3. My right leg (and foot) is bigger than the left. From almost mid-calf to ankle, it is noticeably bigger than the left leg. This is why I do not wear jeans a lot, masikip! I wear size 7-7.5 because my right shoe is always tighter than the left one. Also,I can’t kneel for a long time. My right knee, where one of my scars is, hurts when I do.

This is because of my metal implant. The shape of my leg is “not normal,” as there is an indent on one part of it (where I broke my bones) and a sort of mushy lump just below it. It’s nothing to worry about (I assume), but it looks weird sometimes. I admit I am still fascinated by it, and how my scar looks different on really hot days versus really cold days.

4. My favorite color is purple. I like everything purple except for ube. I hate ube. It’s one of the many things I do not eat.

I used to eat ube when I was younger. I think I must have had a bad batch of it and got sick, that’s why I started to dislike it.

5. Aside from ube, I also do not eat raisins. And siopao. Well except for the white part (the bread).

I also used to eat raisins…until one time we were in San Juan, La Union. There were goats there and Dad pointed out the goat poop and said that was where raisins came from. That’s when I stopped eating raisins.

As for siopao, well everyone knows what it is they say about siopao. That what’s inside is “cat meat.” So yeah, no.

6. I do not eat pancit. Well technically I do, pancit palabok and pancit malabon. The other kinds, I don’t eat. There is a strange smell to it that I do not like, also sometimes there are slivers of liver in it, and I don’t eat liver either.

I also do not eat seafood in soup. Sinigang na hipon, sinigang na bangus…nope, nope, nope. I love shrimp but find it weird because you boil them in what’s supposed to be their living environment. Chos!

7. I don’t eat cherries and strawberries – the processed kind (strawberry jam, cherries in a bottle) – but I will eat it fresh. It tastes like medicine to me.

8. I can remove even the smallest slice of bell pepper in my food. I do not care how long it takes, but I will remove them. Sometimes I miss a small piece, but I can always spit it back out (on my spoon). Angel does the same with ampalaya! When she was little, we tried hiding a small piece under rice and beef. When we took the spoon out of her mouth, the ampalaya was still there! Hehehe.

9. I am deathly afraid of snakes. I do not like frogs and other reptiles (lizards, crocs, alligators, etc.) either.

When I was 3 or 4, one of our field trips in MCHI was to Manila Zoo. I don’t remember much of it except that we were called to gather in front of the big aquarium thingies where the big snakes were because it was feeding time. Everyone was so excited and wanted to stay up front. Because I was one of the small ones, I was right up front. Then they opened the top and dangled a chicken…a LIVE chicken with white feathers. The chicken was dropped inside, and it ran around aimlessly, feathers flying all over the place. Next thing I remember, the chicken was in the snake’s mouth, white feathers sticking out. I think after that we went around for a while, then we went back to look at the snakes again and there was that lump in its body. Not really something I can easily forget.

I do not like frogs either. I used to play with frogs when I was little, and I don’t know what happened but one day I just found them icky. One time I scraped both knees because I tried to jump up 3 steps on the stairs because I saw a frog. In panic, I slipped and fell. I couldn’t wear pants for almost 2 weeks, couldn’t bend my knees, and I couldn’t even walk properly. My favorite “frog story” is when I threw Angel on the sofa. To be clear, we have two sofas (sort of like the L-shaped ones but a bit bigger and not so L-shaped). Angel and I were watching TV (she was around 1.5-2 years old), when this small bright green frog with long legs JUMPED ON THE SOFA. And to prove to you how scared I am of frogs, I threw my daughter on to the other sofa and ran. Yes, parang bola lang. She doesn’t remember it though but when I told her about it her reaction was “What kind of mother are you?!” My answer was, “one that is scared of frogs.” Hehehe.

10. I am not a sporty person. PE was not really one of my favorite subjects.

Volleyball – I got hit in the face once and my nose bled because my glasses scratched it.

Basketball – I cannot run while dribbling the ball. It’s either stand/walk and dribble or just run. I can’t really shoot either. Oh and I panic when someone tries to get the ball away from me. Hahaha.

Softball – same with volleyball, I’m scared the ball will hit my face.

Dance – I have two left feet. I cannot dance. Sure, I can follow the steps without the music (just counting). But once the music starts, ay nako! I get flustered and trip over my own feet.

Now the only two sports I can do – swimming and bowling.

I was in grade 3 I think when I first took swimming lessons at the pool in UP. I was in beginners class (of course) but was moved up to the next level after a few sessions. Apparently, I got how to do the freestyle faster than the others.

I think it was on our last day when some of us were asked to walk over to the 10 ft side of the pool. We were asked to line up by the edge of the pool, and the instructor pushed us into the pool one by one. I think this was a test to see if we would be able to keep ourselves afloat (and probably to see if we can save ourselves HAHAHA). I also remember my first thought after I was pushed into the pool was “OMG I have to get to the other side because the walls here are covered with lumot!” And that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t stop to float around, I swam over to the other side.

Summer before 5th grade I had swimming classes again. Since I already knew the basics, I was supposed to work on my speed. I could dive and resurface at almost half of the pool, but I was slow. That same summer, I got chickenpox so I had to stop swimming. I didn’t go back because I hated that my skin was getting too dark. Like I was forever sunburnt.

Bowling, well I remember breaking a mirror while practicing. The ball slipped and went right into the mirror. I also remember taking bowling as PE in college. The passing score was 75 (I think?) which was easy peasy. I don’t know now though if I can still score higher than 100. My arms get tired easily. Haha. Old people problems.

11. I had my ears pierced twice. No, I do not have multiple piercings. The one I had when I was little closed up because I didn’t wear earrings for a long time. I think it was because I wore a pair that gave me allergies and made my ear itchy. From then on, after I got my ears pierced again, I only wear hypoallergenic earrings. Feeling baby. This is also why I don’t wear fancy earrings like those dangling tassle ones. That and I’m scared I’ll tear my ear off it it gets caught on something.

12. I cannot leave the house without a bracelet. I don’t know why but everytime I go out, I have to have a bracelet on my wrist or else it feels like I’m missing something. I can do without the earrings or my necklace or my watch.

13. I learned to bake because of Mama, my grandma (mom’s mom). When I was little, we would have Sunday lunch with them and she would let me help make chocolate or banana cake. By help, it usually meant mixing and licking off the excess batter. Hehe.

In highschool, I took baking as an elective. The ovens we used then were the kind where you had to light up the gas thing inside. During the practical test, I couldn’t light it up because I was scared it will explode on my face. I got a 99, and the teacher said I would have gotten 100 if I was able to light the oven up. Hehe. 😅

14. I am not good at Math and Science. I guess that gene must have skipped a generation (or maybe just me). I do however feel that if I had been taught Science and Math in English back in high school, I would have understood it better. I realized this when I shadowed an 8th grader. While some topics were difficult (for me), I understood the concepts a lot better because it was taught in English. Alam mo yung feeling na “ay ganun lang pala yun?!” 😒

15. I am not good in Filipino either. This gene I’m sure did not skip me. Hehehe. I can speak and write and read it but it takes such an effort, walang automaticity so my brain uses up most of its energy decoding. WHAT?! Char!

Growing up, I was not allowed to watch Filipino shows on TV. So, when people talk about this show and that (like cartoons and all), most of the time I cannot relate. I watched Sesame Street while they watched Batibot (I watched it sometimes too that’s why I know some of the characters). Then there’s Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Voltron, She-ra and He-man. Haha! We weren’t allowed to watch telenovelas either, well not until after high school (I think). If you’re wondering how I survived then, well it simple. I read books! Lots and lots of books. I had my Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley series, so I was good. 😁

16. The only college entrance exam I took was the UPCAT. It was either pass the test or don’t go to college. Well guess what, I passed. Char!

During the UP Centennial kyemerlu, the family got recognized for having 3 generations of UP graduates. Mama and Papa, Mom and Dad, aaaaaand ME! Special ako eh. 😁😂 Kaya when I say “my blood runs maroon,” serious yun (maroon talaga yun blood ko, hindi red CHOS! 😋) cause brother and sister are from UP too. So Angel, alam mo na ha 😉

The thing is, I don’t like studying – the reading textbooks, taking notes kind of thing. I take notes in class, and read them an hour before a quiz or test. That’s it. One time in college, I tried actually studying for a test, ayun 2.0. Hahaha. If I really need to remember things, I usually watch a movie while reading. Since I remember by association, I try to remember what part of the movie I was watching while I was reading whatever info I need to recall. Yung totoo, I don’t know how and why in the world I keep taking post grad courses. I have too many diplomas already – Bachelor’s + 2 post grad diplomas – and yet I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. Hahaha!

17. Last one! I don’t talk much. I prefer sitting quietly and observing others. Take note, QUIETLY. I cannot stand loud, noisy people. The other day we were at Starbucks and everyone was talking at the same time. I wanted to tell them all to shut up, but I knew I shouldn’t so I tried to tune them out instead. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not one to open up about my feelings to people. I do not like the feeling na I’m bothering them with my issues in life when they probably also have issues of their own. Which is why I appreciate the people who I can “bother” with all my drama. Although I’m also not the type who’s showy with appreciation, I try in my own little way.

See, all these things I just wrote, not a lot of people know these about me because I don’t tell them. I wouldn’t have been able to say all these if I were talking to someone face to face. I express myself better through writing. While I may not write that well (Taglish and all that), I know at least I can say what’s on my mind.

So there you go, a very long post all about me. Haha! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I (oddly) enjoyed writing it. 😁

I still need to find out my “why.” 🙂
XoXo 💜

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Ramblings of a confused mind

I have had writer’s block for a couple of weeks now. More like mental block actually. My mind is just blank whenever I’m in front of the computer trying to write something, whether it’s my thesis or here on my blog. Some days I get a little bit done, a couple of ideas, a sentence or two here and there. Some days there’s nothing. I just stare at the screen for hours. I pass the time by crocheting, of course. Or browsing the internet for crochet projects, looking at yarn, planning my life, trying to exercise. Yeah, lots of stuff other than what I’m actually supposed to be doing. So, here’s a blog post of all the random thoughts I have had these past few weeks.

Most days I feel like I’m lost, like I don’t know what to do with my life. I know I want to get this thesis over with, and the only way to do that is to get this introduction done. I’ve been working on it for more or less 6 sems already. See, I lost my motivation to do it after I got the feedback the first time I submitted it. It literally came back to me all red, and the way the comments were phrased by my adviser, it made it sound like I was a complete idiot for not knowing how to make an introduction. FYI, I don’t. In my undergrad at Educ, we didn’t have to do a thesis, which is obviously something they should reconsider. Yes, there were papers submitted, but a real, actual thesis? None. Then when you get to grad school, your professors just assume you know what to do and then give you these shitty comments that make you feel like you’re dumber than dumb. So yeah, after that, I put it away for a loooooong time. I was demotivated, I didn’t want anything to do with it anymore, I wanted to quit. But people (who I now realize were not really after my best interest so to speak) convinced me to get it done, try and finish it. Here I am, after 6 semesters, still trying to get it done.

I hate when people try to compare you to them. Like, when you’re going through something and their advice starts with “In my case, when I did this and that and whatever sh*t…” I find it very… selfish. It’s like they’re not really listening to what YOU are feeling, they want you to know what THEY are feeling. Like really? I don’t care that you went through that with your ex or whatever, I want to know what I should do to  make ME feel better. I wish people would realize that, if I wanted to know what you went through, I’d ask. If not, SHUT UP and LISTEN to me.

And people who say they want what’s best for you, but then talk about you behind your back. What is up with that??? Telling people, how she had a good thing going but let it all slip away because of “personal issues.” FYI, those “personal issues,” have something to do with you and the way you treat other people. In case no one has told you, you are self-centered. All conversation has to revolve around you. You literally pull back the conversation to focus on yourself. You are an attention whore. You make a big deal out of the smallest thing. Girl, if I wanted to talk to you (and I don’t because I know you’re just going to make it all about you) I would. Me being quiet and avoiding you means I DON’T want anything to do with you because I am tired of your self-centered attitude. Sure, being self-aware is great, and maybe I need to learn to do that. But being self-aware is very much different from being self-centered, which is what you are.

I want to learn to knit. But there are a lot of things I have to think about before I start. First, knitting seems a lot harder than crocheting. It looks like it takes a lot of hand-eye coordination. Second, the weather back here doesn’t seem to be conducive to making anything knitted wearable. It’s too damn hot. I step away from the fan for a few minutes and my sweat comes pouring. Lastly, that would mean buying knitting needles and nicer, thicker yarn. And right now I can’t afford to buy any more materials until I can sell the stuff I make. Well I have a “crochet money” jar now which has the P500 I got from my very first sale of Spiky the dragon (which I have learned is actually spelled Spikey HAHA).  I need to figure out what other stuff I can make that people *might* want to buy. THEN, I can get more yarn and stuff.

I’ve either learned to be very patient or I’m being really stupid. Z and I are talking less, therefore fighting less, and I’m somehow okay with that. Well not really, I’m okay with fighting less, but the talking less is bothering me a bit. I mean, yeah he tries, and I appreciate the effort. Lately he tries to be on every night, the longest he’s been gone recently was a day or two. But when he can, he goes online a couple of minutes a night just to talk for a bit before he completely disappears again. I don’t know what he’s up to, most likely work as usual, but sometimes I have to wonder. Is he really too busy he can’t even spare a couple of minutes to talk? How can he go days without talking to me when I have to check every hour if he’s sent me a message or something? Does he even think about me when he’s away? Do I really trust him that much to not think that he may be fooling around and that sh*t?

Meh. Some days I don’t know what to think anymore. But, one lesson I have learned is to just go with the flow and let things go the way they should.

I know this isn’t much of a blog post, more of a collection of ramblings. But at least, I finally get to post them. HAHA.

Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to come up with a real post. 😁

XoXo 💜


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💜 and 💔

A year and a couple of months ago, was when we first “met.” I never told anyone this but it wasn’t an online dating site. It was one of those online things where you anonymously post a “secret.” You can like, comment, and even message the person who posted said “secret.” It was around the same time when I had had enough of the creeps messaging me on some online dating sites I was on. (Pause: if you’re going to judge me for this, please leave cause I don’t need your negativity in my life. Thank you)

If I remember correctly, my post said something along the lines of “Some days I wish I could just stay home and be a good wife and mom. But then I’d have to meet my forever first.” I wasn’t expecting any reactions to it, just wanted to say it. So when I got his message I was surprised. He asked me, “What would your forever be like?” and I told him what I was looking for – someone kind, smart, thoughtful, understanding, loyal. He said those were “easy” things but that it seemed hard to find someone who had those traits. I agreed, and he said he thought he had most of those. 😏 That’s how we started talking.

After a while, he told me how he felt. He didn’t pressure me into being in a relationship since he knew what I had gone through previously. I was scared to step into something I wasn’t sure I could handle, but even more scared that I’d regret it if I didn’t take a chance. So I did.

As with any other Long Distance Relationship (LDR), the time difference (13-14 hours) was a pain in the a**. He’d be up just as I was about to go tobedand ready for bed as I was starting my day. But once we had established a routine, it wasn’t that difficult to find time to talk. Until it was.

These last few months, he has been very busy with work. He owns a business renting properties and is often on the road checking on them. At first, it was okay cause we could still talk every once in a while. But then he started “disappearing” for longer periods of time. There are times when he doesn’t message me for a week, and naturally, I was worried about him. With this disappearing act of his came the arguments. Whenever we did talk, we would argue…about everything. I would ask him if he could at least take the time to let me know he’d be away, but I never got anything from all that asking. Maybe I was too scared of messing things up, that I messed everything up in the process. I tried my best to make it work, but my best just wasn’t enough.

My heart had been broken before and I thought I’d never be able to make it whole again. I never thought I’d “meet” anyone who could put the pieces back together and let me love (andbe loved) again. He did. But giving your heart to someone means risking it getting broken again. And that’s where I am now. I am more broken now than I was back then. My heart feels like it has been shattered into a million pieces that I could never pick them all up to make it whole again. I want to scream and cry, but even my voice and my tears seem to have left me.

I wrote this a week ago. I have since cried my eyes out, and I have told everyone who asked (and had time to listen) what I was feeling. After that, there was nothing. I wasn’t sad-mad or sad anymore. I slept better at night because I didn’t have to stay up and wait if he was going to talk to me or not. Even when he did say “hello,” I didn’t expect him to answer back so I just let it be. I’m not any more bothered that he takes hours, or days to reply. I still worry of course, but that’s how it is.

Friends have given different advice – forget about him, move on, just wait, give him time – which honestly, just confused me more. Do they really think it was that easy to forget someone? How can you move on from someone when you don’t even know if it’s over? How long do I have to wait? How much time does he need? I know these questions make me sound like I have no idea how to handle relationships, that’s because I really don’t.

My first (and last) serious (?) relationship before this one was a very looooong time ago. It was back in high school, and after that was over, I never really had other “serious” relationships. Most were just seeing people here and there. At that time I was more focused on finishing school, finding work, and raising a daughter. I wasn’t a “normal” teenager. I was forced to “grow up” faster because I had another hooman being depending on me. This other human is now more mature than I am. HAHA. In one of her letters to me last year, she wrote that she was happy that I had found someone who made me happy, that it was about time I focused on myself. All these years I had been focused on making her happy. Last week, she left me a note which had me crying even more. She’d give me hugs when she saw me crying. She held my hand while we were sleeping.

I have always been impatient, with everything; always wanted to get things done my way. Maybe what happened was a wake-up call, to teach me that I needed to be more patient. A LOT MORE. 🤔

Things happen for a reason. People come into our lives for a reason. We may not understand it at first, but eventually, it becomes clear to us what the purpose of all this is. Maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere that we need to learn. We just have to take time to reflect on it to understand what it is.

I don’t even know if that all made sense. HAHA. But, to end this (non-sensical) post, here are some quotes I found about why everything happens for a reason:

1.) “Realize that if a door closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you.”
― Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

2.) “Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.”
— Albert Schweitzer

3.) “I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
— Marilyn Monroe

4.) “There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs.”
– Angel Flonis Harefa

5.) “I trust that everything happens for a reason, even if we are not wise enough to see it.”
— Oprah Winfrey

6.) “Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, be strong and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.”
— John Mayer

XoXo 💜

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Some days.

Some days are sunny.
It’s bright and beautiful, warm and fuzzy.
Nothing can go wrong.

Some days are gloomy.
It’s cold and dark, sad and dreary.
Nothing seems right.

But life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.
We all have our good days and bad.

Some days all we can do is wish for things,
To be the way we want.

Most days I wish I was a fairy.
A sprinkle of dust here, a little whisper there,
And I can make wishes come true.

And what would I wish for?

Some days I wish I was yours.
Yours to have, yours to hold.
Yours to love forevermore.

Some days I wish you were mine.
Mine to cherish, mine to love.
Mine from now until the end of time.

Most days I wish we were together.
Living our happy ever after.
Always. Forever.


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It’s one of those days I feel like I’m going round and round in circles.

Thesis is driving me crazy. I’ve been working on my introduction for almost 2 years now, and I’m still working on it. I’m stuck. It’s not that I don’t know what to write about, it’s more of I don’t know how to write about it.

Right now, I’d rather focus on other things – work, self, relationships – than have this dark cloud hovering overhead. I’ve thought about quitting and just living a “normal” life. I’ve been talked out of quitting more than once, but the thought is still there.

It feels like running around in circles, not finding an exit or a way out. It’s dizzying, tiring, and just…draining.


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This is what happy looks like. I think.

“There are different kinds of happy,” she said. “Some kinds don’t need any proof.” (This is What Happy Looks Like, 2013) 

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a book and read for fun. A couple of weeks ago, I figured that since I couldn’t seem to fall asleep even if I was dead tired, I’d go read a book. This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith, was the book of choice. I thought that maybe, just maybe, it could help me figure out what happy looked like. It didn’t. Well, I didn’t really finish reading the book, I got bored a quarter of the way through.

What does happy look like? I doubt that there is one definite answer to that. We look for happiness in so many different places, different people even, that sometimes we forget…happiness is found within. It’s in the simple things that make you smile. The little things that make you appreciate life. Happy, is felt from the heart. ❤

For me, happy is seeing a rainbow after the rain. Hearing a baby laugh. Eating chocolate. Getting a hug. Happy is not having to wake up early. Or not getting stuck in traffic for who knows how long. The smell of coffee. Ice cream. Flowers. Puppies. And the list goes on.

So what does happy look like? Right now, it looks like you. 😉




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Chocolate Chip Cookies

So, I was craving for chocolate chip cookies and the only ones we had here were the original Chips Ahoy! (the one in the blue packaging). As much as I like ’em. I find them too hard. So I went in search of a “soft and chewy” chocolate chip cookie recipe, and found these Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

I didn’t have baking chocolate to “chunk” but I did have some Curly Tops, so I chopped those up and tossed ’em into the dough along with the chocolate chips. I made the dough on a Thursday, planning to bake them on Friday morning to bring to my daughter at school for their Stargazing Activity. However, she asked us to come earlier, so I left the dough chilling for another day or two. 🙂

As much as the instructions were quite easy to follow, I think I must’ve done something wrong ’cause they didn’t turn out quite like how it was pictured in the blog. The first 2 batches I made were soft and chewy enough for me, although my sister and my daughter said they seemed a bit too soft and seemed “uncooked” to them. The last batch I made looked “perfectly round,” but was a bit too done for my taste.

I didn’t get to take pictures as I was making them (maybe next time, I will try), but I was able to take pictures of them as I was setting them down on a plate. 🙂

Chocolate Chip cookies (with Curly Top Chunks)
Chocolate Chip cookies (with Curly Top Chunks)
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2012 (The year the world didn’t end).


Every year, the 5th grade students have a Mother-Daughter bonding day. We had to camp out overnight in school. At the start, it was very hot inside the tent, but by night-time, it was a bit cold already so it wasn’t that hard to sleep (except for the fact that the mommies in the tents beside us were snoring really loud!).

1 Jan



Wash day for our teddies, Carmie (left) and Bachy (right). I forgot how old Carmie is, but Bachy is 25. 🙂 Hehe.

2 Feb


Papa celebrated his 90th birthday.

3 Mar



For our summer vacation, we went up north to Pagudpud.

4 Apr



For my birthday, yes my birthday, we went to Fort Santiago and Luneta because I do not remember ever going there before. We didn’t get to go inside Fort Santiago because it was almost closing time when we got there, so we just went around to take pictures. We also watched the musical fountains in Luneta (and saw several frogs in the grass). 🙂

5 May



June marked the beginning of the new school year, Angel’s last as a grade schooler.

6 Jun



I was given a chance to work on a summer ESL camp, which lasted for one month. One month flew by so fast, and having made new friends and acquaintances, it seemed so short a time to have spent with them. It’s hard to say “hello” and meet new people, but this time, it was harder to  say “goodbye” … (see this post)

7 July



August marked our first trip out of the country (well, first for me and Angel; sister had already gone to Korea in 2010). We went to Singapore over one of the long weekends. There were lots of people in the Night Safari and in Universal because of the Eid’l Adha holiday. We also went to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Art and Science Museum in Marina Bay Sands.

8 August


I had to get an NBI clearance for the first time. I arrived at the mall by 6:30 am, but there was already a very long line when I got there. They started giving out numbers at 10am, and I got #207. It was a very long, and frustrating day. Apparently, it’s more likely that you get a “hit”  if you have more than one name. O.o

9 Sept



Angel’s soccer game (which had been postponed several times due to rain) finally pushed through. They played at CSA Makati, and were awarded 2nd runner-up. 🙂

10 Oct


Family gathered to celebrate Galilee’s debut. 🙂

11 Nov



So the world didn’t end on the 22nd. 😉

Christmas time = FOOD, FUN, and FAMILY time! 🙂 The celebrations started on the 23rd, when we had dinner to celebrate Mom and Dad’s anniversary. On the 24th, we had a simple Christmas dinner – arrozcaldo, barbeque, muffins and baked macaroni. Christmas day, we went on a picnic at Camp John Hay where we finished off the leftovers from dinner 😛 After eating, it was time for paintball! 🙂 This year though, we didn’t open gifts until the 27th, which was okay. The kids enjoyed opening their gifts without having to do anything stupid before actually getting the gift.

12 Dec

Yep, that is 2012. Thank God it was a lot better than my 2011. 🙂 Hopefully 2013 will be as good (or even better). 🙂