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My Valentine’s date πŸ’œ

I have been crocheting for a couple of months now. If you read my previous post on The Sassy Diarists, you know what got me started on this new hobby. (If you haven’t read it, well you should! Go read it here. 😁)

These past few days, weeks more like it, have been a little rough. After a year, being in an LDR is starting to take its toll on me and Z. We don’t get to talk much cause he’s always on the road (or on one of his properties’ roof or something) for work. And most of the time when we do get to talk, we argue about things. I won’t go into details, just that it has been really difficult. It has had me in an “I’ll-be-okay-just-let-me-be-sad-for-a-while” mood. 😌

The first couple of days I would cry at night because I was sad-mad. I couldn’t sleep so I started working on some crochet projects. I literally crocheted my Valentine’s Day away this year. πŸ˜… One of my projects was a giraffe, which I found on my Amigurumi Today app. I moved from being sad-mad to just being sad. I slept a little better each night, but still took time to work on my Hearty Giraffe.

Hearty Giraffe from Amigurumi Today

After almost 2 weeks, I was done being sad. I was also done with “Geoffrey” the Giraffe. 😁

Geoffrey’s parts waiting to be sewn together.
Off with his head! πŸ™‚
Headless Geoffrey (with an attitude)

His head (horns, ears, arms, and legs πŸ˜…) are a little wonky, but that’s what makes him unique. He isn’t perfect because I cannot sew the parts on properly. But he’s mine. He was there when I was sad and lonely, and needed some company. Technically speaking, Geoffrey was my Valentine’s Day date this year. 😊😍


I still need more practice (A LOT MORE) in sewing parts together cleanly before I can be confident enough to give my stuffed animals away. πŸ˜… But I’m glad to have found a hobby that keeps me busy and keeps me sane when all else is driving me mad (more like in-Zane 😏). Hehehe.

Now, I’ll get back to my shawls.

XoXo πŸ’œ

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PPS: If you have any suggestions on what projects I could try out, please feel free to message me. Free patterns preferred as I am too poor to buy patterns. HAHA.



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