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Some days.

Some days are sunny.
It’s bright and beautiful, warm and fuzzy.
Nothing can go wrong.

Some days are gloomy.
It’s cold and dark, sad and dreary.
Nothing seems right.

But life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.
We all have our good days and bad.

Some days all we can do is wish for things,
To be the way we want.

Most days I wish I was a fairy.
A sprinkle of dust here, a little whisper there,
And I can make wishes come true.

And what would I wish for?

Some days I wish I was yours.
Yours to have, yours to hold.
Yours to love forevermore.

Some days I wish you were mine.
Mine to cherish, mine to love.
Mine from now until the end of time.

Most days I wish we were together.
Living our happy ever after.
Always. Forever.




Mom. Teacher. Student. Crocheter. Fairy Princess.

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