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Do you see me?

via Daily Prompt: Superficial

People look. What do they see?

They see me. But they don’t see ME.

They see my face (I know I’m not pretty)

Not beautiful or gorgeous, just plain, simple me.

But what they see is “ugly”

Not beautiful, not pretty, just ugly old me.


I’ve spent years thinking they were right,

Always feeling bad about myself,

I was the fat kid, the ugly kid,

The not-to-bright kid, the failure, the disappointment

I never felt I’d ever be good enough

For anyone to be proud of me.



I never thought I’d meet someone,

Who’d look beyond the way I look

But HE came along and made me realize,

That love doesn’t care about looks.

He loved me when I couldn’t love myself,

Looked beyond what people see.

He pushes me to love myself,

And be happy to be me.





Mom. Teacher. Student. Crocheter. Fairy Princess.

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