Holidays 2011

♫ “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” ♫

Yes, indeed it is.

Mom and Dad celebrate another year together. 🙂

with a complimentary cake…

…and flowers. 🙂

Calamansi Pie. Yum 🙂

Red and white. guess which one was hardly touched? HAHA

gifts. I have long since learned not to expect anything from anyone. It only hurts more. (I have one too many times received a “toy”, and at this age, I have no idea what I’d do with it, but recycle.)

The losing team. Boys.

Girls. FTW 🙂

gambling Christmas money 🙂

ATV at PugAd

We were toured around by the PMA Superintendent himself 🙂

Do you have the time? 🙂

Walking around PMA.


Happy New Year! 🙂


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