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The Year that was 2011.

2011. The year that was. A year that was a roller coaster ride (as termed by Teacher Chad). It was a year of ups, and mostly downs, but was made worthwhile by friends. 😉 As a “tribute” to the year that was 2011, I’ve compiled pictures that highlight the events of each month. 🙂

 January: Mom turned 56, while Dad officially became a senior citizen (therefore being “useful” according to Angel).
 February: The van we were riding (we were on a field trip), got into a minor accident. The van bumped into a truck, which had stopped abruptly after an Avanza stopped to let a pedestrian pass. Thankfully, no one was hurt, we were all just shocked.
March: Papa celebrated his birthday at King Bee.
April: Angel took summer violin lessons, and had a mini-recital at the end of the sessions.
May: Angel is a flower girl for the first time, in Pima and Ian’s wedding. 🙂
June: We have our annual Manaoag Pilgrimage, and go swimming at Leisure Coast after.
July: Mama celebrates her birthday.
August: Uncle Alex, Auntie Shirley and kids (Chuck, Steve and Karl) visit the Philippines.
 September: Grade 5 Fellowship Day at AA.
 October: After a very stressful incident at school, I was able to “unwind” when we went to Subic, where Mom had a conference. Angel and I go to Zoobic Safari in Subic Bay. 🙂 Angel also turned 11.
 November: Angel receives a gold medal for getting a perfect score of 110 in Math, in a standardized test administered by APSA. Lolo Nonoy also visits.
 December: As a prize for her medal, I bought Angel tickets to the LA Galaxy vs. Azkals game. We were 30 minutes late, after travelling for 4 hours just to get to the venue. My phone camera bailed on me so we didn’t get any pictures. 😦
And so that, was the year that was. 🙂 Thank you for being a part of my 2011. 🙂
Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012! I wish you all a new year filled with love, happiness, blessings and success! 🙂


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