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My 11.11.11

So, everyone’s fussing about today being 11.11.11. How did I spend my 11.11.11? The usual.
I went to work (with a heavy heart), and vowed to stay in the faculty room/sauna. My plan didn’t work though, as I had to do some errands such as having report cards printed and re-checked. I did manage to walk up and down the hall without bumping into UFO’s and ultimately being abducted by them. Lunch time wasn’t any different, except for the fact that I was called aside for a “talk”. After that, we were assigned to fix the field trip itinerary, which took us all but 2 hours. Then a meeting was called. During the meeting, as I kept looking at my watch to check the time (because Angel was home all alone and it was getting dark), I got a message from Angel asking what time I’d be home. She said I had a letter from school, which made me super nervous. I joked and asked if I had won a prize. She said no. I asked if she won a a prize. She said, she did, kind of, but it was hard to explain so I should just wait and read the letter. As soon as our impromptu meeting was adjourned, I went home, texting Angel where I was. As I walked up to the door, she was waiting there holding this letter in her hand.
I had to read it twice, to make sure I understood, before I said anything. Of course, I muttered to myself that they had gotten the heading wrong again by putting “Mr. and Mrs. Clemente” which would be my parents and not me. I told Angel she did a good job, then asked if she told Dad already. She said no, so we called him and told him about it. Dad said she’d get a prize when he got back from Baguio. I told her I’d scan the letter and post it on FB so Dad can read it. She got overexcited and was almost bouncing around the house while talking non-stop about who-knows-what.
I guess I have to save up for an Ipod, which she’s been asking for since last year. 🙂
Good job baby! 🙂



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