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“Mommy, it’s your worst nightmare…”

 — Angel (10 May 2011)

Not quite, but almost. 

She told me this as I was attempting to compose myself by drinking a glass of cold water. Why? Because…THERE.WAS.A.SNAKE.IN.THE.HOUSE. Yes, there was. Although I am not quite sure what kind of snake it was, I do remember it being black-ish, almost a ruler and half in length and probably just about as thick as a ruler too. It was GROSS.

FYI, I hate snakes. Just the thought of them makes me shiver. *brrrr*

This profound hatred for snakes (and other reptiles) started because of a field trip to the zoo, yes, the Manila Zoo.  I think I was about 3 years old then, maybe 4. It was our preschool field trip. We were at the Reptile House or whatever it was called, in front of those big aquariums that held those big pythons. Then I heard the chicken. Clucking as if it was calling out for help. I saw it by its feet, wings flapping like crazy, feathers flying about. Then there it was, inside, running and clucking, and desperately trying to fly and escape. Then POOF! It was gone. All that was left were feathers. Feathers flying around, from the chicken’s desperate attempt to escape. And who can forget the tail feathers sticking out from the python’s mouth. Then an adult pointed out that the chicken, was slowly “moving” inside the python. And yes, it was. 😐

Since then, I have disliked snakes in fear that they would open their big mouths and swallow me up whole. I remember my brother once commented that I needn’t be afraid ’cause I wasn’t a chicken and a snake couldn’t possible swallow me whole. Yeah, right. Then there came this news bit that said a snake ate up a child somewhere in the jungles of India I think it was. See, it can swallow people.

I can’t stand the thought of snakes (and reptiles). I remember a book we had, where, on one page there was this picture of a green snake. I always skipped that page. Either that or I’d ask someone else to turn it for me, while I kept my eyes closed in fear of the picture coming to life and eating me. When we were in Bohol for a vacation, part of our tour was a visit to the largest snake there. As the van we were riding in was going through the gates of the place, my knees felt like jelly at the thought of the big snake as shown in the pictures. It took me a while to get off the van, a while longer to get myself to the entrance, and longer still to move along the path to where the cage was. (note: It was a really big snake, and I mean REALLY BIG). I think it took me about a minute to run back to where our van was parked, as compared to the 10-15 minutes it took them to convince me to go see the snake. 🙂

Of course, along with snakes came the despise for its “cousins”, the reptiles, as well as amphibians. So, NO, I do not like crocodiles and alligators, frogs and lizards. They are simply GROSS. I don’t know if it’s fear of the creatures or just weirdness on my part. I JUST DON’T LIKE THEM. PERIOD.

As Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events Movie, 2004) puts it, “There are two kinds of fear, rational and irrational. Fear of realtors is irrational.”  

I guess that makes my fear rational after all. 🙂



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