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5(00) days of SUMMER.

Well, I don’t actually have 500 days of summer, more like 500 hours (and even then that’s still too much cause that’s like 20 days, and I only have a 6 day leave from work).

Summer usually meant rest from work, time to rest and have fun, go swimming. Now, I still get my time to rest (since I don’t need to wake up early and get to sleep in), but I also have more work, less fun and less swimming. My break has so far been spent doing laundry by hand (while the washing machine was broken), fixing my room (and my sister’s room to accommodate the bigger TV), washing dishes, AND reviewing what I know about SPED (for a “lecture” on Sped 101). That has, so far, been the hardest task I’ve had to do. I’ve brought out my books, notes and whatnots. I’ve read and re-read them. I’ve made an outline of things I need to present. But it’s been almost a week, and my notes are still open here on my table, my files still have nothing but the title in them. I AM LOST.

The other night I tried to actually start making a powerpoint presentation. I ended up watching a video on YouTube on 3 different ways to braid my hair. GREAT. Β I’ve set reminders, put a Post-It on the laptop screen, on top of the laptop, on my notebook and on the window directly in front of me so that every time I sit at the table I am reminded of what I have to do. Guess what? I’m blogging here instead. (*at least I’m accomplishing my goal of actually writing something in my blog) HAHAHA.

Okay, I’m rambling nonsense. Might as well find something productive to do. Oh wait, I do have something that I should do. Oh well, that can wait. For now, I’m going to watch a movie. Maybe two. πŸ˜‰



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