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I am not a writer.

Although I have all these thoughts in my head, I can never seem to find the time, and patience, to actually pick up a pen and write these thoughts into paper. Maybe it’s because I’m too lazy, a habit I have got to get rid of. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid no one will read what I wrote, more so, that no one will appreciate it.

When I cleaned out my stuff a while back, I found handwritten copies of poems I made back in grade school and high school. They were written in pencil, on a torn notebook page. I remember telling myself that I would rewrite them onto a proper notebook, like a journal, so that I’d have a “collection”. Until now, they’re still on the same torn page, stocked in a box here in my room.

Someday, I will get back to writing. Maybe after I’ve sorted out my life and get it organized. Someday, I will print my stuff, even if it is just in my own private journal. For now, I’ll be writing my stuff here. Sharing. Hoping that someone reads it, and appreciates it for a change.

Now, I better get back to my thoughts before they start leaving. 🙂



Mom. Teacher. Student. Crocheter. Fairy Princess.

2 thoughts on “I am not a writer.

  1. Interesting thoughts about writing. I’m sure a lot of us have felt the same way, I know I have! My blog is rather focused so I’ve been surprised at the number of visits I’ve received thanks to the diversity & size of the internet. Keep writing 😉

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