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Book overload

overrun from the bookshelf

I have run out of book space in my bookshelf. The 2 out of 3 shelves are filled with books. Literally, one book on top of another, taking up the whole shelf space. So, I’ve put the excess books on the bottom shelf of my study table, which is now running out of space because of our new books.

Of all the books I have, there are some that I haven’t read yet, books 2-6 of Gossip Girl, Wicked and Son of a Witch, and The Tenth Circle.  I bought them either because they were on sale (the series sets) or because they’ve been on my “To Read” list, and I thought I’d be able to read them over Christmas break.

Yeah, it’s not obvious that I love books. 🙂 Explains why I’m legally blind without my contacts. hehehe 😀



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