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It’s another New Year.

Every year, I make New Year’s resolutions. Every year, I end up not being able to do most of my resolutions.

One that has been on my list for…hmm…around 5 years now, would be to lose weight. I tried, I started exercising at home…but that was basically it. I felt pain, I felt sweat, and decided I didn’t like the feeling. Then one day, I’d start feeling sorry for myself and start thinking of starting all over. It’s a never-ending process, one which I would really like to change this year.

Backtrack June 2010Β – I had finally decided that starting July I would start going to the gym after work, whether or not I find a companion. But then I got into an accident on the 1st of July, and my doctor hasn’t cleared me to return to normal activities yet.

This year, I have decided not make resolutions, but GOALS. Things I want to achieve this 2011. Maybe, just maybe, this time I’d actually be able to get it done. Here’s my list of goals this year:

1. Be more organized. Not just at home, but at work especially. I’ve got lots, and I mean lots, of stuff scattered all over my desk (and even under it) which I have yet to sort and put away. They only get temporarily fixed when I’m looking for something important.

2. Smile more and be more positive. I have never been a cheerful person. Most people would probably say that their first impression of me would be that I’m a snob, mataray, in Filipino. Since I’ve always been told that smiles are contagious, I’ll try smiling more. πŸ˜›

3. Save up. I’ve been such a spender (especially this Christmas season). My wallet should never have too much cash in it. Every payday, I vow to put away 75% of what I get into my savings account and keep the remaining 25% in my wallet for emergency purposes.

4. Start an exercise routine. And not just start, but continue with it. I do however, need to wait for my doctor’s clearance before I start anything.

5. Catch up on my reading. I’ve been to the bookstore and gotten some books which I haven’t started reading yet. As of my last count, I still have 8 books which are on my queue list.

6. Catch up with old friends. Make new ones. I was never a social person. I hate going out at night, I’d really rather stay home and watch TV or read. Because of this, I’ve declined on several occasions when I could’ve met up with friends from high school and college.

7. Learn something new. I’ve recently gotten a new DSLR and I’m hoping to learn more about taking good pictures.

8.Β Go on a trip with friends. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out-of-town with friends, just for fun and not work-related. Anywhere, be it near or far would do.

9. Travel to another country. I haven’t been out of the country, although I’ve been to several tourist spots here in the Philippines.

10. Accomplish all my goals this year. ‘Nuff said. πŸ™‚



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