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Blame it on the Itchies.

32 days.

It’s been a month and 2 days (including the weekends)  since I started going back to work. By now, I should be used to being away from my bed from 6:30am till 5:30pm. I am, kinda.

The first few weeks, I always got home really tired. I had to drag myself to eat, take a hot shower, and *plop* dead asleep. These were also the days when, by late afternoon, my injured leg would be purplish in color and really, really painful.

But these past few weeks, my leg has been feeling a little better. No more purplish colors in the late afternoons. However, I do have rashes all over. And they’re really, really, really itchy. It started last Saturday, I don’t remember if it was before or after lunch. I do remember being really itchy that night and every day since. Until now. I have scratch wounds from all the scratching I’ve been doing. 😦

I hate itchies. And I hate being stressed out. These “things” that “need” to be done by a certain date, are stressing me out. I CANNOT finish these things just because they want me to. What they’re asking for is not EASY. It’s something that should have been done LAST SUMMER when there was a lot of time to do these things instead of cataloging books, wrapping them in plastic and laminating materials.

So please, spare me. Practice what you preach. Don’t dare talk to me about priorities when you don’t even know yours. You who have no plans whatsoever and just make them up as you go along, then hassling everyone else to rush what you want from them. Really. Priorities. Seriously.

Blame the rashes and the itchies, it’s them speaking.



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