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1st day high :)

Today, 6:40 am

Back to school. I’m nervous about passing through where the accident happened. I close my eyes as we approach the “scene”, and feel tears as I remember what happened. When I opened them, I find that I was holding on too tight that my knuckles have turned white.

6:50 am

It’s my first day back in school again. As always, I’m the first one here. I’m anxious but excited at the same time. I’m sitting here thinking about how I’m going to climb the stairs with my crutches.

7:45 am

It’s time to go upstairs now. Teacher Joms has offered to help me climb the stairs. I successfully reach the second floor by hopping up the stairs on my good foot, the left one, which is now starting to throb. I’m in the activity room, watching everyone else get ready for the “Tagisan ng Galing sa Filipino” eliminations. I feel so useless, sitting here and just watching.

8:00 am

The students start coming into the activity room, some with surprised “hi’s” and “hello’s”. The program starts, and ends before we even know it.

9:45 am

The kids are on break and will be returning for practice for the Linggo ng Wika program. We teachers still in the activity room, with me being “updated” with the latest happenings.

1 pm

Lunch break / Dismissal for grades 1 and 2. Teacher JC offers to help me go down the stairs. I freeze at the top and stall. I try to step down, by hopping, but cannot continue the rest of the steps. I’m too nervous about falling flat on my face or hurting my leg so I sit on the steps and slide myself down, laughing. A parent sees me at the bottom of the stairs and smiles, asking how I am. We talk for a while before I head to the faculty room to eat lunch.

After lunch

We’re in the grade 5 classroom, finishing some of the props for Friday’s program. There’s a violin there, left by one of the students. I’ve always wanted to play an instrument so I ask T. JC to teach me how to play. He shows me how to play the first 2 lines of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. Its fairly easy to remember, but being the “old lady with memory gap” that I am, I forget some parts and make some parts sound really, well, out of tune. πŸ™‚

4 pm

Time to go home. For them. I will be picked up at 5pm so I have to wait for a while. They still stay for some time, discussing some things about the Olympinoy tomorrow. After they all leave, Ate Grace comes and sits with me, to talk about what happened. But not 15 minutes had passed when my “service” comes to pick me up.

Home again

I’m so tired, my left knee hurts. I guess I’ve exerted too much pressure on it for today. Even my injured leg is a bit painful. I guess it’s tired too. I should rest and get ready for tomorrow. I’ve been assigned “office duty”, to assist in giving receipts and stuff, which is fine with me. Although I would much rather be outside with the other teachers than be cooped up in the office, I wouldn’t risk being hit by a running or jumping student. πŸ™‚

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live”

—– Flora Whittemore —–



Mom. Teacher. Student. Crocheter. Fairy Princess.

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